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Your one-stop guide to search intent Analytics & Engagement

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A weekly roundup of marketing stories and B2B industry news.

Optimizing your website to rank in search engines or SEO.
What can an SEO audit reveal about your B2B website? Analytics & Engagement
What makes a B2B campaign memorable? Branding & Design
Hands sorting through colour palettes at a desk with design software on the monitor
How to reinvent your B2B digital ads Branding & Design
How meganavs power up B2B website engagement Websites & Apps
Woman using mobile phone and laptop computer.
5 ways to elevate your B2B website and encourage sales Websites & Apps
A floating cloud filled with lightbulbs.
5 content trends that will shape the B2B industry in 2024 Content & Creative
An assortment of retro TV sets and microphones stacked in front of a blue wall
How advertising shapes our society and culture Branding & Design
Motum B2B team members with thought bubbles above their heads.
How did the B2B industry change in 2023? Branding & Design
An arrow climbing stairs on a yellow background.
Motum B2B’s most read features of 2023 Branding & Design
A magnifying glass with a bullseye and arrow in the centre, surrounded by tick icons.
5 ways your B2B brand can use the rest of 2023 to prepare for 2024 Branding & Design
A colourful illustration of various UI elements on different screens
UI in action: Learn the most popular elements Websites & Apps
A colourful array of illustrated UI design elements on a blue background
A UI design explainer for B2B non-techies Websites & Apps
Flat lay of light bulb and empty notepad and pencil on yellow background.
A short guide to creating long-form B2B content Content & Creative
An open laptop next to printed screenshots that show a completed Durisol project.
5 tips to capture value through case studies Content & Creative
Two hands putting together a circular puzzle with red pieces
How to repurpose content with purpose Content & Creative
How B2B marketers can build AI literacy Content & Creative
5 tips for choosing the right social media channels for your B2B Content & Creative
Robot hand using laptop and man hand writing
AI in B2B content marketing: What are the risks? Content & Creative
A businessman reaching out to press a search bar in front of him.
How to write effective metadata Analytics & Engagement
5 ways to tell if your B2B brand needs a refresh Branding & Design
A woman facing a computer monitor with a colourful mood board onscreen
How to choose the right images for your brand Branding & Design
Hands putting together puzzle pieces that say "pay-per-click"
How to craft a PPC strategy for B2B Analytics & Engagement
3D image of a laptop, mobile phone, and tablet with glowing overlays
8 types of B2B interactives you can start building today Websites & Apps
A woman interacts with a digital interface while holding a tablet
How do interactives work in B2B? Websites & Apps
Try 3 more transformative B2B content trends Content & Creative
A man's hands point to a lightbulb over wooden blocks that spell '2023'
3 trends to transform your B2B content in 2023 Content & Creative
What goes into a great B2B logo design? Branding & Design
A phone displaying an accessible website next to a hand holding a pen, website designs on paper, and the corner of a tablet
What does an accessible website look like? Websites & Apps
A stack of red and white books on a table with titles related to guidelines, standards, and compliance
Website accessibility: Why does it matter? Websites & Apps
How schema captures more clicks with rich search results Analytics & Engagement
More storytelling, less sales pitch: A B2B content marketing guide Content & Creative
B2B chatbots: Not a one-way conversation Websites & Apps
Building brand identity in B2B Branding & Design
Laptop with festive tree and holiday shopping cart
How to do seasonal content right Content & Creative
What’s next in B2B influencer marketing Content & Creative
Google Homepage
Here’s the skinny on Google Snippets Analytics & Engagement
The many hats of project managers in B2B marketing
Why does B2B content matter in 2021? Content & Creative
User experience and interface design
Great UX and UI makes a difference in B2B Branding & Design
B2B Marketing Trends in 2021
Ask a B2B agency, Part 2: B2B marketing trends in 2021 Content & Creative
Aerial shot of a crowd with an empty spot in the middle
Don’t just monitor your B2B social channels, listen to them Content & Creative
Magnify glass on a keyboard of a macbook
In the know with B2B SEO Analytics & Engagement
Tablet in a stock room
Progressive web apps: Capable and cost-effective Websites & Apps
Graphic of charts and graphs
Make your data stand out with data visualization Analytics & Engagement
Daily Newspaper with coffee and glasses
Hey you! Grab your B2B reader's attention with a strong headline Content & Creative
Blue submit key with send icon on it
How to use your B2B website as a sales tool, Part 3: Forms Analytics & Engagement
Minimal desk set up with imac
How Motum B2B is keeping calm in the COVID storm
Macbook with video conferencing on it
Keep your head up: A COVID-19 update from Motum B2B Content & Creative
Bullseye with misses all around it on blue background
Everything you need to know about account-based marketing Analytics & Engagement
Minimal room with furniture
Less is more: The importance of whitespace in web design Websites & Apps
6 microphones on wood with textured background
Unleash your inner journalist Content & Creative
Person on phone with chat bot and a coffee in the background
How to use your B2B website as a sales tool, Part 2: Chatbots Websites & Apps
Kid scientist getting smarter with content writing tips
Content writing tips to make you look smarter Content & Creative
Comic illustration of a woman talking
Find your B2B website’s tone and voice Content & Creative
Woman touching a screen at night
How to use your B2B website as a sales tool, Part 1: Interactives Websites & Apps
Illustration of Woman in fur coat and man racing to the city
What’s your marketing dating profile?
Blurred Traffic
Give the people what they want: Free cheese and haircuts Content & Creative
Person handing another person gift over two laptops on a desk
Holiday gifts for the marketer in your life Websites & Apps
Server room with Purple Hue
Talk nerdy to me: Choosing the right hosting environment for your website Websites & Apps
Women screaming aaa
Master your fear of these marketing tools Content & Creative
Colourful Envelopes
Email design tricks to net you more clicks Analytics & Engagement
Image of two magnifying glasses on bright blue and yellow background
Upgrade your SEO toolbox Analytics & Engagement
Team collaborating from the top. Laptops on table.
Why we’re falling in love with Craft CMS Websites & Apps
pop-art woman with a speech bubble around her head
Stop annoying your B2B audience Content & Creative
pop-art of woman on the phone
Test your marketing jargon vocabulary
Student sitting on a stack of book with a laptop making graphics on wall
Talk nerdy to me: Finding the best website tech for your B2B business, part 4 Websites & Apps
Blueprint of a car with a light on top of it
Talk nerdy to me: Finding the best website tech for your B2B business, part 3 Websites & Apps
WYSIWYG on Wooden Dice with internet terms printed on paper
Talk nerdy to me: Finding the best website tech for your B2B business, part 2 Websites & Apps
Man at old computer with glasses leaning back
Talk nerdy to me: Finding the best website tech for your B2B business, part 1 Websites & Apps
Child Yelling into a megaphone into another child's ear with red background
Twitter trolls and you: Disarm without harm Content & Creative
Pumpkin on yellow background
Supernatural marketing tactics that can’t be killed Content & Creative
Man on Phone with email icons floating up
Don't fear the CASL (Well, fear it a little.) Analytics & Engagement
Man holding a megaphone and a flag popping out a Tablet
Should you start advertising on social media? Yes, yes you should. Content & Creative
Valentine Header for Omni-Channel Sales Funnel
B2B my Valentine Content & Creative
Not using GIFs in your social content? We have 4 things to say to you Content & Creative
Chalk board diagram of person pointing at computer with http://www underneath
How to show brand-new audiences you're smart...and then convert them Analytics & Engagement
CSS Code
Should marketers learn how to code? Websites & Apps
Picture of a river with a boat going under the bridge in a city
Motum B2B heads to An Event Apart, Chicago Websites & Apps
White Puzzle with green background
Honestly, why should you hire an agency?
Man looking up with colourful balls in the background
Are your pingback settings leaving you vulnerable? Analytics & Engagement
business infographic
The 80/20 Approach to Social Media Content & Creative

We've worked with these happy clients

I’m really grateful for the work and professionalism from the Motum B2B team. You’ve dealt with many changes and initiatives from [our team] throughout the years, but we knew we could always count on Motum B2B!

José Antonio Carranza | Marketing Communications at BASF

Motum B2B has been a key player in helping the Catalysts division succeed with its marketing efforts. The team has always been efficient in responding to internal stakeholders' needs. They are our trusted agency within the division and our number one partner of choice.

Melissa Thornley | Communications at BASF Catalysts

From apps to business tools and websites, Motum B2B does it all. For Pearl, their generous flexibility, hand-tailored creativity, and stringent commitment to accessibility and security were key as we worked together to conceptualize and produce Pearl’s new digital home.

Lindsay Bachman | Communications Director at Pearl Certification

Motum B2B has been our trusted partner in improving our online presence and strategizing for our key marketing campaigns. The team members are remarkable professionals who take great lengths to provide above-and-beyond service to achieve our business goals.

Analyn Gawaran | Marketing at Tsubaki of Canada