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B2B marketing mentality in the boardroom

Marketing is probabilistic, not deterministic, meaning its effects can’t be defined fully in advance or measured fully in retrospect. Using behavioural science in B2B marketing can help refine results, according to MarketingWeek.

How the heck do algorithms work?

Algorithms play an enormous role in our digital lives, from social media feeds to Amazon shopping cart suggestions. How do they actually work? Search Engine Journal explains how algorithms do their job in laymen’s terms.

The importance of ethics in marketing

Ethical marketing promotes fairness, honesty and empathy in an organization’s marketing activities. Aside from negative karma, poor ethics can result in a loss of trust and business. Learn how to promote ethical marketing in your business at Hubspot.

5 alternatives to virtual happy hours

Zoom happy hours can be fun, sure, but that doesn’t mean your office needs to do one every week. Get creative and try something new, like a virtual cooking session, trivia or game night! Fast Company has some tips to get you started.