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B2B marketing for actual humans

We comb through dozens of stories to put together each What We’re Reading, and we read a LOT about how B2B marketing is impersonal and creatively inferior to B2C. We’re sick of hearing it! An article on The Drum (sponsored by Reuters, but worth a read all the same) discusses the emotional side of B2B marketing.

Infographic: Predicting B2B influencer marketing trends in 2020

Still not sure how influencer marketing fits into B2B? According to Social Media Today, it’s growing faster than you might think, sparking trends that are predicted to take off in 2020.

How to be a thought leader (and why you should care)

We like to chitchat about thought leadership as a core component of content marketing, but what does that term actually mean? The G2 blog explains how thought leadership leverages your industry expertise to create content that matters to your customers.

Master Instagram with 15 new trends

There’s always something new happening on Instagram, whether it’s a design update, feature or up-and-coming trend. Hootsuite shares 15 current trends social media marketers should watch to stay ahead of the competition.