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Engage your B2B customers with sales planning tools

As the customer experience becomes more and more important in B2B, companies are using sales planning tools to bolster engagement with their customers. TechTarget explains why you should use tools like machine learning and automation to build better relationships.

Understanding the AMS as an ROI tool

Agency management systems like Advantage are excellent tools to help your accountant keep accurate, thorough reports, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The Second Wind blog dishes on ten reasons why the AMS is also one of your best ROI-boosting tools.

Brush up on your Facebook skills in 2018

Social media comes naturally to some and totally mystifies others. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, check out Hootsuite’s handy Facebook tips and tricks for business pages, publishing, advertising and more.

In agency life, hindsight is 20/20

This week in AdAge’s If I knew then what I knew now, a series of essays by agency founders looking back on their early days, one exec discusses the perils of working yourself to the bone when you’re starting a new business. Give it a read to see his advice on avoiding advertising biz burnout.