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Developing bolder creative to drive B2B results

New research from LinkedIn shows that many B2B marketing leaders are focused on developing bolder creative. Marketing Week explains how the bold approach helps brands stay top-of-mind with buyers who aren’t yet ready to pull the trigger.

Web design trends for small businesses in 2024

A report by Adobe Express identified some hot trends in website design for small businesses, including the top background colours (white, gray, and blue), the top font (Open Sans), and features (photos and CTAs). Get the detailed analysis here.

Using modern visuals to transform boring web design

Looking to spice up your website’s aesthetic? Web Pro News suggests adding texture and depth to the visuals, creating custom images, and making sure the typography harmonizes with other elements of the site.

Listen: Rethinking our approach to B2B marketing

B2B has gone through a lot of transformation in recent years, with marketers asking more questions about our approach to marketing automation tactics, brand marketing, and intent data. The MarTech podcast discusses these questions with a group of industry veterans.

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