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What is B2B microsegmentation, and how does it work?

It’s time to re-evaluate what B2B customer segmentation looks like. New analytics and data capabilities can allow B2B marketers to develop ‘microsegments’, which can group audiences on factors such as context, behaviour and price sensitivity. Check out this article in Digital Commerce 360 to see how this could lead to better conversion rates.

Use these tools for better content marketing results

We already know that content marketing plays an important role in a businesses’ marketing strategy, but in order to be more effective, it’s a good idea to incorporate analytics with your content marketing efforts. Read this article from Business 2 Community to learn about social listening, AI, analytics and other tools you can use to boost your content strategy.

3 tips to reduce stress and anxiety

Are you feeling stressed at work? Has quarantine got you feeling down? Learning to express and feel gratitude can take practice, but those who do are less likely to feel anxious or depressed. Try these 3 tips from Inc to start your gratitude journey.