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As budgets tighten, bank on 5 B2B strategies

The term “economic uncertainty” is floating around a lot these days, but MarTech says there’s a flipside. B2B marketing and sales teams can find the silver lining by trying 5 core strategies, such as prioritizing your existing customer relationships.

B2B brands: ‘We live in a society’

We know that in B2C, consumers pay close attention to which brands implement practices for sustainability, diversity, and other social causes. MarTech Series explores how B2B tech brands can boost authenticity and make a difference by embracing these values.

Marketing insights from B2B decision-makers

Based on a series of interviews commissioned by LinkedIn, Back End News identified 5 marketing trends for B2B businesses, including humanizing content and prioritizing thought leadership.

This year’s B2B website design trends

Motion graphics, dark mode, and dynamic typography are some of the B2B design trends that will dominate 2023, according to Bop Design. See all 8 predictions on their blog.