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Decrypting blockchain opportunities for B2B

Though cryptocurrency continues to be a hot topic in 2018, it still leaves many B2B players with at least a few lingering questions — particularly, “Why should I care?” OANDA explains exactly why you should care, and how to leverage blockchain lessons for cross-border payments, streamlined transactions, and more.

Break up with bad email habits

Let’s face it: sometimes your email subscribers just don’t love you the way you love them. Thankfully, a little self-reflection goes a long way towards salvaging your email relationship. Are you too clingy? Talk too much? Come across a bit shady? The Pardot team shares a few reasons why you should break up with your bad email habits.

If you really want to romance your subscribers, check out MarTech’s take on the best email marketing tactics for Valentine’s Day.

8 accessibility tips for digital content

Accessibility in email and web design may be a fairly new concept to many marketers, but it can open up your marketing efforts to a large section of the population — that is, the approximate 15 per cent of people who live with disabilities. The Pardot blog digs into the importance of accessibility and inclusiveness. Incorporate these 8 tips to help your content accommodate more users.

4 creative ways to promote blog content on social media

When it comes to organic social media, you need to get creative to expand your reach. The Content Marketing Institute offers four outside-the-box methods you can use to make your blog content stand out on social media.