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A LinkedIn marketing director’s advice to B2B marketers

B2C marketers put a lot of energy into brand building, and LinkedIn’s director of marketing solutions, Prue Cox, thinks B2B marketers should follow suit. Cox explained her rationale at Mumbrella’s recent B2B marketing summit.

Make authentic, human connections with your audience

When it comes to connecting with your audience, digital tech can act as a bridge...or a vast chasm of loneliness and despair. If you find yourself losing sight of that human connection, consider Forbes’ take on marketing and empowering your brand through genuine interactions.

Video tips for camera-shy marketers

Despite the growing popularity of video as a content marketing platform, many marketers are still intimidated by the prospect of putting themselves and their businesses on screen. Others are just plain bad at it. Hubspot explains how to suck less at video (and use it to elevate your brand).