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Is it time to rethink the B2B sales funnel?

This Forbes piece notes that “one of the main issues with the sales funnel, especially in the B2B industry, is that the customer journey is no longer linear.” As customers enter a business' awareness at different stages, and can skip or move back and forth between stages outlined in a traditional funnel, is it time to start rethinking its purpose and process?

New year, new priorities for B2B marketing strategies

At the start of any year, there are a lot of articles being shared about what to expect in the next 12 months. Here, MarTech weighs in, sharing its top three priorities for B2B marketing strategies. This iteration includes data-informed insights, creator marketing, and operationalizing brand advocacy.

How data can deliver with B2B marketing initiatives

Over the next year, Insider Intelligence believes spend on third-party data will gain importance over the physical collection of leads. Whether it does or not, it’s not about having the data that’s important; it’s knowing what to do with it. This piece outlines some starting points to think about.

Ad spending is on the rise

According to Marketing Dive, advertisers are set to spend $509bn in 2023, a rise of 6% from the year prior. With inflation rising and a recession looming, this paints a brighter picture of the future and offers an interesting insight into how budgets are shifting within digital marketing.