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Buyers want value? You don’t say!

A keynote at the B2B Marketing Exchange conference addressed the need to deliver a smooth, valuable customer experience with your B2B buyers. Seems like a no-brainer, except fewer than 25 percent of B2B companies focus on the customer experience. DemandGen Report has the details.

Forget funnels: Meet the marketing flywheel

Alright, so the marketing funnel probably isn’t going anywhere, but the flywheel is gaining popularity as a more relevant model to map the buyer’s decision-making process. Forbes explains the new trend and how it can help your campaigns build momentum.

Reply, post and engage for 15 minutes a day

Struggling to make time for your social media duties? LinkedIn is clutch in B2B, so use Social Media Today’s marketing checklist to make sure you fit in 15 minutes a day of quality social networking and lead generation.