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10 email marketing tips to grow B2B sales

With roughly 109 billion business-oriented emails sent out every day, email marketing is a crucial aspect of a good digital marketing strategy. Sadly, it can be tough to stand out in such a sea of emails, so Blue Mail Media has a handy infographic to help you make memorable email campaigns and increase those open rates.

Prevent B2B churn with these 7 strategies

Why do customers churn, and how can you prevent it? Churn occurs when the value of a product or service declines and the customer finds better value elsewhere. Business 2 Community offers strategic advice to drive value high and reduce the dreaded churn.

A warmer climate won’t just change our planet, it’ll change our offices

In a future where high temperatures bring widespread flooding, air pollution, and extreme heat, how will our work lives change? Expect to see high-tech transportation methods for commuting to the office, and a growing number of companies having their employees work from home, according to this article in Fast Company.

Goodwill, or ad stunt? Watch this beer commercial and decide

Buy a 6-pack of Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, and in turn, the brewer will convert 6 square feet of farmland to organic. However, this brings up the question: why not simply fund these organic transitions and then advertise that? Fast Company has some insights into why this marketing strategy may work but could also backfire.