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Taking a page out of the B2C marketing playbook

Digiday explores how B2B marketers have been leaning on B2C strategies to stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace. As well as talking about flexibility in messaging and a move from corporate speak, it details an uptick in utilizing consumer-facing spaces like TikTok.

Balancing quantity and relevance

Rather than caving to an endless content schedule that prioritizes quantity, MarketingProfs makes an argument that content marketers should re-evaluate their approach. “Rather than plastering potential buyers with generic content, the focus should shift toward crafting personalized content that resonates with the specific pain points and stage of the buyer’s journey.”

More insight on B2B influencers

Recently, PRovoke Media partnered with Ogilvy (who published a study on the global rise of B2B influencer marketing) to host a roundtable on that very topic. The conversation covers the changing nature of B2B influence, working with people that align to your brand values, and using partnerships to do what your B2B brand can’t.

Prioritize a modular, plug-and-play approach

The generational shift within the B2B industry is well documented, with Millennials and Gen Z now making up most business buyers. To both appeal to those new mindsets and progress from the rigid, siloed limitations of legacy systems, Forbes presents a case for composable architecture and assembling systems founded on flexibility and customization.

Want to create quality content?

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