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LinkedIn launches AI tools for B2B marketers

New ad formats, an AI-powered copy suggestion tool, and an API for audience insights are among the new B2B marketing tools debuted by LinkedIn last week, as reported by The Drum.

3 rules to modernize branding

Don’t mimic trends, be true to your brand identity, and prioritize strategy before aesthetic choices: these are three rules Inc. suggests to help you develop a strong, modern brand campaign.

How to make B2B marketing more efficient

The highly targeted nature of B2B marketing can create financial inefficiencies, according to Forbes, but marketers can better attribute their investments by properly defining KPIs and normalizing results.

What’s with the Adjective-Noun Summer?

Popularized by Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer”, brands love to predict summer microtrends by following this naming convention. The New York Times explains how we got here.

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