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Make the world a better place with B2B procurement

As society demands more sustainable, transparent business practices, even the process of B2B procurement has the potential to become more trustworthy. How can procurement advance social progress? Forbes has the scoop.

How does Google’s new design affect my results?

Late last month, Google redesigned elements of its mobile search results. The Moz blog breaks down the changes and how they impact the visibility of ads, the readability of organic search results and the way brands are emphasized in searches.

Web security 101 for marketers

Strong website security protects your company’s data, including the data visitors share with you, and it also boosts performance. The Marketo blog explains how marketers can minimize risk by improving web security.

Don’t let your marketing plan take a vacation

When you’re a marketer on vacation, working remotely is far from ideal, but it can be difficult to unplug from your reports, newsletters and campaigns. The Pardot blog shows how to keep your marketing efforts rolling while you’re out of the office.