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Avoid vague B2B tech marketing

According to a new LinkedIn report, over 60% of tech buyers feel that B2B advertising is too vague to be relevant to their business. The Drum covers five trends to better connect B2B tech brands with buyers.

Analyzing the relationship between B2B web design and sales

As a place that champions success stories and acts as a catalogue for products, a B2B website is a crucial part of a customer’s purchasing decision. Forbes warns of the common mistakes B2Bs make when it comes to website design and the steps businesses can take to improve site structure for sales.

Make sure you’re reaching middle-market customers

While B2B companies are good at catering to enterprise and small businesses, Harvard Business Review believes it’s not the case for middle-market companies. With a spending power of over $6 trillion a year in the US alone, it sets out the strategies you can use to close the gap.

Using AI to unlock audience insights

It seems a week can’t go by without an update or fresh take on the evolution of AI. This time, Martech weighs in on the potential of AI as a tool to uncover audience behaviour insights to promote better performance.