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Preparing for the B2B platform revolution

If you’ve looked at something in a retail store only to go home and buy it for a cheaper price on Amazon, you’re a part of the B2C e-commerce platform revolution. Soon we’ll be seeing more B2B businesses switching to services like Amazon and Google to handle logistics, data collection and tech infrastructure. strategy+business has some strategies to prepare your business for the next platform shift.

The balance between personalization and privacy

You may know your customer’s last name, where they work and the city they live in, but you probably don’t want to include that information in your marketing emails. Inc.com has some tips to engage your audience without being creepy.

Finding your B2B company’s purpose

Many B2B companies say a sense of purpose is essential to their organizations, but few are working on purpose-oriented initiatives. According to Martechcube, purpose is “a company’s reason for being beyond profits that guides its business growth and impact on society."

Yeezy who? Crocs x KFC clogs announced

We love creative marketing ideas, but this one seems a bit…fried. To capitalize on the explosive popularity of fried chicken, Crocs has teamed up with KFC to bring you a pair of shoes that resembles a bucket of fried chicken, complete with chicken-scented Jibbitz, AKA Croc charms (yes, that’s a real thing). Go to Fast Company to see the fast food footwear in all its glory.