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As ad spend drops, B2B marketers need to think outside the box

Marketing creativity doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can drive plenty of value for your B2B business. MarketingProfs shares some tips for creating high-quality content as budgets tighten.

These stats show how thought leadership can influence B2B buyers

Thought leadership has the power to attract out-of-market buyers, make customers reconsider vendor relationships, and build trust in current customers. Find some striking stats about the influence of thought leadership content in PR Daily.

When stats go rogue

Statistics like the ones we just shared can lead to plenty of marketing inspiration, but what happens when they’re misrepresented? Econsultancy outlines the dangers of reading and sharing stats that aren’t properly qualified.

Spotify will now tell your fortune in songs

Remember those little paper dreamcatchers we used to tell fortunes as kids? Spotify now has one of those, but in music form. B&T explains how the new Song Psychic works, how it can answer all your burning questions about life, and how this generates highly shareable results on social media.

Need some guidance to create long-form content?

Read our short guide to long-form content for more tips.