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Findings from the influencers

According to recent research from Onalytica, B2B influencers say co-created content and speaking at in-person events were their most successful types of brand collaborations in 2023. The study also noted that, in 2024, the focus will be the same, followed by guest content on brand platforms. MarketingProfs shares more of the specifics.

Keeping track of Google’s AI

A few weeks ago, we shared a story about Google’s AI blunder, when the search engine was telling people to eat rocks because they’re good for you. Search Engine Land outlines the latest update, saying that Google “will continue to take thoughtful risks, test extensively, and quickly respond to any problems.”

The importance of storytelling

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again; in B2B marketing, authentic storytelling matters. Forbes agrees, outlining what you need to know to make your B2B brand story resonate with your audience. Insights range from identifying pain points to the importance of educational thought leadership content.

A B2B campaign from Reddit

Known as a place for candid conversations and opinions from real people, Reddit has unveiled its B2B marketing campaign, ‘The Reddit Recommendation Engine’. Knowing that Reddit is a go-to place for authentic insight, it features leaders from top holding companies talking about the platform. See the campaign on The Drum.

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