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7 things customers want from a B2B website

A strong statement on the homepage, faster page loading times, and helpful content – these are just a few of the essential elements MarTech says each B2B website must have to stay competitive.

To withstand economic uncertainty, think like an investor

Instead of tightening belts in challenging economic times, the McKinsey blog says you should approach the situation like an investor. That means analyzing which marketing expenditures deliver the best returns, rethinking opportunities to stretch marketing spend, and investing in next-gen growth drivers.

How to track events and conversions in GA4

Following the Universal Analytics sunset, marketers will need Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Tag Manager to track their web and app performance. Search Engine Land provides some handy tips on how to use these tools effectively for B2B.

Google to scrap news links in response to Canada’s online news law

Last month, the Canadian government passed the Online News Act, which aims to compensate media outlets for content shared on social media and search engines. Google responded by announcing it will remove Canadian news content from its pages. While the conversation is ongoing, read the CBC News story to learn how this could impact Canadian media outlets, readers, and third parties.

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