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How AR and VR drive engagement in B2B marketing

We recently saw a great example of VR in B2B marketing at a tradeshow: it let users view and manipulate 3D models of machinery, giving them a sense of how the devices look, work and fit into a manufacturing process — without having to haul a huge piece of equipment to the show. DemandGen Report shows how AR and VR are ramping up engagement in the B2B space.

Spark an emotional connection with B2B audiences

B2B marketing tends to be governed by hard facts, but recent research shows that B2B buyers and prospects have a higher response rate to materials that evoke positive emotions. PureB2B offers some advice on connecting with your audience on an emotional level.

How data privacy laws will impact chatbots and voice assistants

As Motum B2B delves further into the weird, wonderful world of chatbots, we’re also keeping an eye on the legal considerations that crop up with these emerging technologies. Adweek explains how data privacy laws address the legal, business and ethical concerns around chatbots and voice assistants. (It’s worth signing up to read.)

So, yeah, this is awkward…

We’re totally not feeling threatened by the fact that JPMorgan Chase found that an AI software wrote better ad copy than its own writers, according to Quartz. But human writers still bring more creativity and, well, humanity to the table. Right? Someone back me up here.