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April Fool’s Day ad campaigns

Granted B2B brands are more likely to line up their campaigns with tradeshow appearances over prank holidays, but who doesn’t love a good April Fool’s ad? Check out AdWeek to see how brands are celebrating this year.

What makes thought leadership content valuable?

One more time for the people in the back: thought leadership means using your position as an industry leader to educate customers and prospects about topics they care about. In case that’s still fuzzy, Business2Community defines the concept in more detail and explains how to craft it.

How content sparks engagement with B2B buyers

Great content helps many B2B buyers fine-tune their criteria or decide on a vendor before making a purchase — provided you’re sharing relevant, high-quality ideas. The Pardot blog discusses how the future of B2B engagement will be shaped by content-driven conversation.

Brands with a mission (and a supply chain to back it up)

Plenty of brands like to use terms like sustainability and transparency in their campaigns, but how many actually walk the walk? Marketing Week shares the story of a successful chocolate brand built on the premise of a more ethical supply chain.