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Study: B2B buyers are actually pretty woke

Compared to the typical American consumer, B2B buyers are more “woke” and conscious of the socio-political landscape. A report outlined in The Drum reveals that most buyers are more likely to pay more money to vendors that address important social issues like sustainability and equality.

Do you really need advanced marketing tech?

According to Forbes, “advanced” marketing tech tools like AI-powered predictive campaigns aren’t all that user friendly or worth the money (yet). Instead, marketers should focus on using simple tools to make their jobs easier.

5 digital marketing tools to refocus your efforts

While some high-tech tools aren’t worth the effort it takes to implement them, Entrepreneur has 5 types of technology to consider for a marketing strategy revamp, including more practical examples of AI-powered tools.

Digital marketing is more accessible, but there’s still work to be done

MarketingTech shows some encouraging statistics about the state of accessibility in marketing, but even as marketers make great strides, some barriers remain. A proactive approach can help marketers overcome challenges in accessibility improvements.