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The enduring power of creativity in B2B marketing

In an era of increasing optimization and automation, The Drum emphasizes the need for B2B marketers to sharpen their focus on creativity and emotional appeal to audiences. It shares examples and tips for creating emotionally-driven campaigns that connect businesses with relevant audiences.

B2B marketing trends for the next decade

As we get into the season for marketing trend predictions, Analytics Insight is looking forward to the decade ahead. It forecasts a rise in AI and machine learning, AR/VR, sustainable and ethical marketing practices, data practices, and more.

Inclusive marketing techniques that resonate

For those interested in adopting more inclusive B2B marketing techniques, MarketingProfs shares a short article and live show that outline a framework for creating strategies through a more inclusive lens.

What else is shifting in B2B marketing?

To highlight some important upcoming shifts in the B2B marketing industry, Marketing-Interactive breaks down a report outlining the need for more customer-centric practices, with content development and distribution as core marketing responsibilities.

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