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Make your B2B landing pages work harder

When they’re done right, landing pages are B2B marketing powerhouses. Marketo provides five ways to squeeze more conversions out of your landing pages, like A/B testing and thank you pages.

Help people find you at events with 5 SEO tricks

Tradeshows, conferences and expos are huge in B2B, where face-to-face contact makes all the difference — provided you get to talk to the right people. Search Engine Journal shares detailed tips to boost visibility and attendance at shows.

May the Salesforce be with you

Last Saturday was May the 4th, which was the perfect excuse for Pardot to write about Star Wars. Here’s the B2B marketing wisdom they teach with examples from all three Star Wars trilogies.

Google Webmasters become SEO myth busters

Need an SEO crash course? The Google Webmaster channel on YouTube just released a trailer announcing a new series all about busting common SEO myths and misconceptions. Search Engine Land has the trailer and links to get yourself subscribed.

Bonus Round: 5 brands as Game of Thrones houses

There are too many fun stories to choose from this week — plus, Game of Thrones hype, woo! — so here’s an extra story from Contently. They envisioned brands like Uber, Nordstrom and Tesla as houses from the hit TV series.