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Metrics that matter to B2B marketers

In a recent survey, Spiceworks set out to define the metrics B2B marketers track to measure success. The results show a gap in perception between the metrics that matter most to marketing professionals and those that matter to business leaders.

Making the most of your creative resources

The wealth of new marketing channels, tech and tools at our disposal has opened up endless avenues for engagement. According to AdWeek, your creative approach needs to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of content creation.

How to apply Fitts’s Law for better UX design

How long does it take someone to interact with an object in their view, whether it’s a brake pedal, a microwave door or a website CTA? According to Fitts’s Law, the answer depends on proximity and the size of the object. Hubspot explains how you can use that predictive model to improve your UX design.

Breathe new life into your Facebook conversion rates

In light of recent changes to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, Hootsuite warns that marketing teams with smaller social media budgets may have seen a decline in organic reach. To combat a possible slump in your social media results, they offer 11 tips to improve Facebook ad conversions.