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Opinion: B2B marketers will lead future growth

“B2B isn’t a niche, it’s a goldmine,” says this opinion piece in Marketing Week. Though marketers tend to covet B2C, B2B drives more economic growth, and B2B companies are growing faster than ever.

B2B lead nurturing rated ‘Average’ or ‘Needs Improvement’

According to a survey, 47% of B2B marketers only rate their existing lead nurturing initiatives as “average,” while 30% said their initiatives “need improvement.” The KoMarketing blog breaks down the survey’s key takeaways.

Privacy in marketing: Why you should care

Privacy is important to consumers, and more laws are emerging to support this priority. MarTech covers the basics of privacy in marketing, why marketers should care, and initiatives you should know about.

Here’s where Gen Z and Millennials differ on popular brands

Compared to Millennials, Gen Z is more likely to prefer brands like Discord, TikTok, and Crocs. AdWeek shares some stats and explains why big brand favorability differs among the two generations. Hint: It’s all about bold, unusual marketing tactics.