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Have CAD models? Use them for marketing

B2B buyers are always on the lookout for good ol’ technical information, so why not serve it up in your marketing campaigns? The Cadenas PARTsolutions blog explains how to use CAD models in content marketing.

New B2B marketing tools from LinkedIn

B2B isn’t all business — at least, it doesn’t have to be. LinkedIn’s new suite of B2B tools makes it easier for marketers to unleash their creativity while managing the complexities of a typical B2B buying journey, according to The Drum.

7 ways to make your emails more interactive

Image carousels, polls, and quizzes galore. The Litmus blog shares several examples of email interactivity trends and how to implement them in your next campaign.

What does it mean to write in plain language?

What makes English text easier to read — syllable count, word difficulty, or simply removing unnecessary information? The Pudding explains how writing in plain language helps boost accessibility and general readability (and how difficult it is for an algorithm to nail down).

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