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Build trust with B2B buyers in a climate of doubt

As AdWeek notes, Americans are becoming increasingly distrustful of institutions. Similarly, B2B buyers are less likely to believe their vendors’ claims of transparency. Find out how you can leverage your existing customers to develop a more trusting relationship with buyers.

Make the most of Google Optimize and AdWords integration

Google recently integrated its Optimize and AdWords platforms to help marketers test and create personalized landing pages. Check out the Google Analytics blog to see how you can use the integration to deliver more engaging, relevant experiences for your audience.

Facebook exec shares 5 key social media marketing tips

Facebook’s head of global travel strategy, Nikhilesh Ponde, recently shared some key social media marketing strategies at a European conference. Now that mobile devices dominate the social space, Hootsuite shares Ponde’s advice to help social media marketers keep up with advances in mobile.

Is Nickelback still relevant?

In pop culture, maybe not so much, but in email marketing the famously hurl-in-your-mouth terrible band still has lessons to teach. Copyblogger explains how Nickelback still has one up on weak email marketing, because they still get engagement from a vast audience. In other words, people may be riding the hate-train, but at least they’re still on board.