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A case for originality

As the AI conversation continues, so does the call for content that’s valuable, reliable, and human. Forbes looks at ways a B2B business can achieve true originality, like publishing new research and data, bringing together insight from thoughts leaders, and becoming a key source for industry news.

The importance of promise

LinkedIn B2B Institute and WARC have published new research highlighting the importance of promise. More specifically, as Marketing Week outlines, it found B2B brands that made a promise to the customer were 2.5 times more likely to improve brand health, 2.9 times more likely to drive market share increase, and 1.2 times more likely to increase market penetration.

Are you getting the most out of your content?

We all know how important content marketing is for B2B businesses, but are you doing it right? Search Engine Land outlines distribution strategies that work, including personalization in email marketing, collaborating with industry influencers, and investing in paid advertising.

Stay ahead of Google’s latest changes

Recently, Google announced a slew of AI-powered changes. One of those changes is that the search engine will start showing AI-generated answers to search queries. Engadget goes into more detail and outlines the specifics.

Want more content insight?

Make sure your content gets maximum mileage with a repurposing strategy.