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Lifecycle marketing campaign strategies for 2022

Are you ready for 2022? Wait, don’t answer that — as humans, we’re probably all feeling a bit apprehensive about it. As marketers, we can still feel confident in the new year with some well-planned lifecycle marketing campaign strategies, courtesy of Forbes.

The missing puzzle piece for marketers in each sector

An opinion piece in Marketing Week covers some of the key ingredients for marketing in different sectors. In B2B, brands are urged to make bolder moves, which will help them distinguish the business to a committee of buyers.

Top 10 holiday ads that tug at your heartstrings

In a measurement of more than 300 holiday-themed ads, this year’s top 10 succeeded by appealing to the viewer’s emotional side. AdAge says these ads were described as heartfelt, wholesome, soothing and energetic.

Configure your own snowman, because why not

Configurators were huge this year! We’ve made our fair share of interactive tools like this at Motum B2B — they’re excellent in helping B2B buyers visualize or preview a product before they get in touch. In the case of this snowman configurator, you can choose features like the nose, eyes, and hat, preview it in 2D or 3D, and even export it as a CAD file for some reason. Have fun!