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13 content tips that help you take a hard pass on the “hard sell”

Like general consumers, buyers in the B2B realm are typically less responsive to pushy, overtly promotional content tactics. Several Forbes contributors share their marketing approaches for practical, useful content that will help you better engage your audience.

Overcoming B2B-specific digital marketing obstacles

The B2B marketing landscape is fraught with challenges you don’t normally see in the B2C sphere. When you come across these unique hurdles, consider some of Marketing Land’s digital marketing tips for a more strategic approach.

5 tips to harmonize creativity and productivity

Though it’s essential to any good marketing strategy, creative ideation often feels like a time-consuming process. Thankfully, there are practical methods you can use to strike a balance. Fast Company shares 5 hacks to help you boost creativity and productivity at the same time.

*Insert animal noises here*

How does meowing disrupt the status quo? At the risk of starting a cats-versus-dogs debate, Adweek discusses the merits of taking a rebellious approach to your creative marketing endeavors. Find out what it means to take risks when the whole world is barking.