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Scoring touchdowns with Super Bowl marketing lessons

Super Bowl season tends to generate a lot of buzz in the advertising world, and for good reason — after all, where else could you watch Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage spit fire in a heated lip-sync battle? Considering the average Super Bowl ad spend — which soared over $5 million for 30-second TV spots this year — the season is brimming with valuable lessons for marketers. Campaign shares a few marketing truths from the Super Bowl that you can take away and fold into how you approach your marketing.

Google studies the traits of an effective team

What else can we learn from the Super Bowl? The most competitive companies, like the best sports teams, are built on exceptional teamwork. That’s why Google spent years studying the attributes of a successful team. Check out Business Insider to learn about the one trait they found mattered most to a team’s effectiveness. Actually, we’ll just tell you what it is: trust. You can peruse Google’s findings here, where you can also get handy guides, tools and links to some very helpful readings.

Using Facebook’s latest updates as a marketing opportunity

Last week we read about the upcoming changes to Facebook’s news feed, which promises to limit public content and create a more engaging experience for general users. Does it seem like advertisers are getting the cold shoulder? Maybe a little, but The Drum offers some insights on Facebook’s update and how marketers can use this opportunity to present more transparency and authenticity in their ads.