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Economic troubles ahead? Invest in SEO

As some economists anticipate a downturn, many marketers look to SEO as a cost-effective channel that offers stability in turbulent times. Content Marketing Institute suggests you double down on SEO strategy to weather the storm.

The growing space for B2B influencing

While B2C influencers are more about encouraging impulse buys, their B2B counterparts are better at swaying the minds of important decision-makers over time. Bloomberg covers the rising trend of influencers on LinkedIn and how they help B2B brands meet key objectives.

How to ask leaders for more marketing spend

Demonstrate clear results, justify your ask with data, and praise your competition – these are a handful of ways Forbes says you can convince your company’s key decision-makers to increase the marketing budget.

Boring B2B? These leaders disagree

We’ve seen plenty of marketers debate whether B2B is inherently boring. (We don't believe that, for the record!) The Drum flips the script this week, asking 6 industry leaders whether the B2B space is actually becoming more exciting.