B2B and COVID-19: Lessons

Times of crisis call for innovation and a careful look at what your business is communicating to customers. An “everything communicates” audit examines the message put forward by everything your company does. Customer Think explains.

What’s dynamic content, and how can it help?

What do Amazon, Facebook ads, and your Twitter feed have in common? They all make use of dynamic content to personalize your experience. Visit Hubspot to learn how to use dynamic and smart content to create a better experience for customers.

How to prepare for the comeback of conferences

Although COVID-19 has put a halt to all in-person conferences and meetings, make no mistake: they’ll be back, albeit a bit different. Hybrid virtual/in-person conferences will allow for the maximum number of attendees to join, while retaining the unique atmosphere that an in-person event provides. Visit Forbes for more info.

Clean up ‘digital pollution’

“Dormant pollution” is generated by billions of spam emails stored in massive servers around the world, contributing an additional 2% to the already rising CO2 emissions of the planet. The #TrashYourSpam initiative encourages people to clean their spam folders as a simple way to contribute to the fight against climate change. Check it out at Ads of the World.