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Segment by behavior instead of demographics

Marketers have plenty of nuanced customer data to focus their segmentation strategies, which is why they are slowly losing interest in “broad strokes” demographics like age and gender. Research by Marketing Week shows why marketers’ attitudes are shifting to favor customer behavior over demographics.

Prepare for the future of digital marketing

If you want to take a deeper dive into customer behavior, check out the Oracle blog. It’s all about the types of experiences customers want, the shrinking divide between B2B and B2C, and digital marketing tactics to help you keep up with evolving demands.

10 marketing lessons from Instagram memes

It’s that kind of Monday, so here’s an educational use of Instagram memes. Hootsuite shares ten things meme accounts are doing to win over audiences and accumulate followers, like writing excellent captions, creating consistent, standout visuals and playing to the crowd.

Can you hear Coke?

To answer that question, check out these Coca-Cola ads that were recently launched in a European print ad campaign. Forbes discusses the almost unfathomable level of brand familiarity needed to pull off this type of marketing.