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How is AI impacting SEO?

eMarketer outlines statistics that analyze how B2B marketers are using AI tools to enhance their SEO performance. Specifically, 65% of marketers who use AI saw an improvement in their SEO results, with 61% of marketers saying AI for ranking and attracting organic traffic is very effective or effective.

An ultimate SEO guide

On the topic of SEO, Forbes recently shared an ultimate guide to SEO in 2024. As well as going back to the foundations of what B2B SEO is and what underpins it, the feature covers different strategies, FAQs, and trends.

A look at B2B marketing budgets

According to recent research from Plural Strategy, B2B marketers are expected to spend more on tech and data as well as events and sponsorships over the next four years. Spend on traditional media is expected to decrease in the same timeframe. MarketingProfs shares the specifics.

Problems with Google’s AI Overview feature

In a recent WWR, we shared an article outlining Google’s latest changes. This week, after its new AI Overview feature told people to eat rocks because they're good for you, and to use glue to get cheese to stick on pizza, the company’s head of search admitted there’s more work to be done. This Wired piece brings you up to date.

Still thinking about SEO?

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