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Fears that GDPR feeds the "Googleopoly"

Google recently sowed fears that its search engine would be the only one to stay compliant with GDPR, the European data collection regulation that recently took effect. Bloomberg explains how those fears took hold, in part by examining last week’s stats.

B2B blogging trends to bury this year

Content burnout has become more of a concern in marketing circles as terms like “content shock” and “content saturation” make the rounds. Business 2 Community discusses the B2B blogging trends facing extinction in the coming years, such as content farms, content for the sake of content, and disguised advertorial content, to name a few.

Testing the link between social media and SEO

In 2014, Google denied any connection between social media and SEO rankings. Recent changes have resurrected that debate again this year. In an attempt to settle the score, Hootsuite ran its own experiment and shared the results.

Cyborgs don’t feel pain, but marketers do

Terms like “marketing automation,” for some, might naturally evoke associations with a privacy-null dystopian future lorded over by malevolent automatons. Y'know, like in Terminator. Copyblogger explores how the Skynet connection might not be so far-fetched — and redefines the language of automation for marketers who prioritize ethical practices. Check it out before the singularity destroys mankind.