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“Marketing as an experience,” explained

Marketers are trying out new tactics to win buyers and consumers by telling a story, playing on their emotions and taking a more personal approach. As part of The Drum’s series on postmodern marketing, find out what it means to create a marketing “experience” for your audience — and why you might want to give it a shot.

A primer on AI for B2B marketing

Tech experts like Google's CEO think artificial intelligence (AI) will be the biggest invention since electricity. Others believe it's the prelude to a machine takeover and the inevitable downfall of civilization, but as marketers, we have to think in less cynical terms.

As automation becomes a bigger part of our everyday lives, B2B marketers need to understand the opportunities AI brings to the table. CMSWire explains what you should know.

Get more views with these video marketing tips

So, you’ve invested in a video to promote your new product, educate buyers about a common issue or show off your company culture — but how do you make sure it gets in front of the right eyeballs? Search Engine Land shares six ways to boost your organic video results in online searches.