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Build communities, not audiences

Until recently, marketers have focused on building audiences to attract and engage customers. When marketers expand on audiences to create a community instead, customers feel more connected and are more loyal as a result. CMS Wire breaks it down.

The polls were wrong. What does that mean for research?

Political polls predicted a landslide win for Democrats in the 2020 presidential election, but we now know that to be far from the truth. What does that say about the validity of marketing research? Search Engine Land investigates.

4 e-commerce trends to watch for

E-commerce is quickly becoming more accessible and popular, especially since the onset of COVID-19, which has limited in-person shopping. Inc. says here are still some potential areas of improvement to make e-commerce more personal and user-friendly.

Podcast: The role of audio and video in B2B marketing

Looking for some useful insights on the rising prevalence of audio and video in B2B marketing, but don’t have time to read a lengthy scientific article? Listen to this podcast, featuring the use of social, audio and video in B2B marketing, at The Drum.