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Podcast: Creating a B2B content strategy for YouTube

Don’t feel like reading today? Check out Search Engine Journal’s 40-minute podcast all about how to create a B2B content strategy for hosting your videos on YouTube.

5 tips to test and optimize ad campaigns

Who is your audience, how do you want to reach them, and what will you say? These are a few key questions AdWeek suggests you answer before implementing their five strategic tips to make the most out of your next media campaign.

To create better content, use AI tools carefully

You can use AI to generate entire pieces of content, but that doesn’t mean you should. MarTech shares nine tips to support your content efforts with AI tools – and create successful, targeted content that is ultimately still your own work.

To stand out, Barbie finds comfort in discomfort

Even if you’re planning on skipping the upcoming Barbie movie, there are some branding lessons to be learned from all that hot-pink hype. MarketingWeek explains how owner Mattel gave its longstanding brand a bold, modern-day makeover.

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