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Building a community of B2B customers

An active customer community for your brand increases loyalty, allows participants to help each other with questions and promotes your business. CMS Wire has some guidelines to help build a thriving B2B customer community.

Don’t stop SEO efforts when business gets good

Just because your site is in a good spot on Google Search doesn’t mean you can stop optimizing SEO. The Google Freshness Update indicates that even top-performing content will bring in less traffic over time and must be updated periodically to stay effective. The Drum explains how to continuously optimize SEO.

How to connect with your remote team

With technology making it easier than ever to work from virtually anywhere, coupled with the ongoing coronavirus threat, more companies are enacting work-from-home policies. Inc.com has some tips to improve communication and productivity for remote employees.

Smart toaster ad gets specific

How do you like your toast? Are you a “white coral” type person or do you prefer “dewy pavement”? This creative ad uses funny toast-themed colour swatches to showcase the advanced toast-making capabilities of the Revolution R180 Smart Toaster, which can be yours for a cool $430. Check it out at Ads of The World.