As many a B2B marketer will tell you, this field can change rapidly. You need to be able to keep up with new developments. But no matter how much you prepare for change, sometimes it catches you by surprise. No one was expecting a global pandemic. Yet here it is: COVID-19.

Like most businesses, Motum B2B has had to adapt. We’re incredibly fortunate that our work can be done 100 percent remotely. That means we keep our employees safe while making sure you, our clients, have everything you need to meet the challenges ahead, from COVID-19 messages to pivoting strategies in light of your changing priorities. Remember, we’re here to support you in any way we can, and if you ever miss our smiling faces, we’re only a quick Zoom call away.

We’re also doing our best to support each other from a distance. With Slack and Zoom in overdrive, the Motum B2B team stays connected and engaged. Our leadership team is also doing daily check-ins to make sure everyone is faring well (both physically and mentally). Even Harley the office dog has made an appearance on our video conference calls (along with multiple cats and one hamster).

We know this is an adjustment for everyone, but at the end of the day, we believe it’s important to follow recommendations from our government, as well as WHO, CDC and other relevant health authorities, and help flatten the curve. Remember, we’re all in this together. Stay safe, and keep your head up.

–The Motum B2B Team