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In the SaaS business? Try these B2B marketing strategies

SaaS businesses need to have a killer marketing strategy to stand out amongst the competition and get customers to subscribe. Content marketing, paid advertising and thoughtful pricing strategies can all help improve prospects, explains Entrepreneur.

Google adds 2 new features to help searchers verify results

If you’re a US-based, English-language Google searcher, you’ll soon see the rollout of two upcoming features designed to help users better understand the sources and claims behind search listings. Search Engine Land explains the features, known as the “highly cited label” and “about this result for rapidly evolving topics."

Spice up your pitches with these 8 brainstorming ideas

B2B marketing pitches can be tough – you want to hit that perfect balance of originality and delivering helpful, concrete information to your audience. This HubSpot blog shares eight brainstorming ideas to make your pitches sparkle with creativity.

Raise the bar for emails with 16 quick tips

We’ve seen plenty of tips on how to improve our marketing emails, but what about plain ol’ day-to-day communications? Entrepreneur shares 16 ways to make a better impression via email.