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New research B2B brands should take note of

The annual Global B2B Pulse has unearthed some interesting insights for B2B businesses, including personalization shifting up a gear (something we predicted would evolve this year), appetite for high-value e-commerce transactions, and B2B marketplaces presenting clear growth opportunities.

Finding success in upskilling talent

For MarTech Series, the secret to successful upskilling lies in combining personal initiatives with organizational goals. For B2B marketing teams looking at new ways to improve their skills, these are some important points to keep in mind.

Engaging B2B narratives

If you want to improve retention, tell your business’ story, and foster a meaningful rapport with customers, getting your narrative right is crucial. Forbes outlines how to turn good intentions into good communication, and why you should be taking a narrative-first approach.

The B2B business dropping albums

Earlier this year, B2B tech company ClickUp dropped a 21-track album called Work Flows. With close to 1 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music, Marketing Brew takes a look at the campaign, the thinking behind it, and why it was such a success.