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How different brands are planning for 2024

With so much focus on improving personalization and building trust in 2024, The Drum discusses the need for clearer guidelines around influencer marketing, taking a measured approach to AI content creation, and structuring your approach to gathering first-party data.

Tips to make your B2B case study stand out

Case studies talk about your customers’ recent wins and how your service helped them succeed, which makes them less like reports and more like stories. MarTech Series offers a detailed explanation of how this storytelling approach, combined with proper planning, writing, and promotion, can help you build trust and enhance your brand’s image.

How to make ads Gen Z won’t skip

Though 99% of Gen Zers skip ads and 63% use adblockers, AdWeek argues that the problem lies with uninspired ads. You can grab Gen Z’s attention by avoiding “turn-off signals” in ad copy (i.e., salesy language), building a community based on trust in your brand, highlighting your brand’s values, and embracing creativity.

B2B marketing demand generation trends to watch in 2024

The Say blog echoes some of the trends we’ve already read about today, but it also identifies the need for better campaign optimization strategies and multichannel alignment. All in all, the trends reflect a move towards flexible, well-planned, and closely monitored demand gen practices.

How do you add more value to B2B case studies?

Check out our blog for 5 more points to keep in mind.