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A boom in B2B creators

Forbes examines the growing trend of B2B creators and the business opportunities that come with them. It shares how Axicom called 2023 the “breakthrough year” for B2B brands and creators on TikTok, and the impact of monetization strategies that focus on services rather than products.

The implications of bad B2B data

Following the release of Forrester Consulting’s 2024 State of B2B Ecommerce Report, which says that “organizations are often hindered by siloed data, insufficient technology, and a lack of internal skills or knowledge,” Digital Commerce 360 shares more of the report’s highlights and why B2B sellers need better data to unlock ecommerce growth.

B2B’s brand-building renaissance

The Drum sits down with leading B2B brand-builders to get the latest on what brands are doing right, and what they should do differently. Findings include what B2B brand building looks like in practice and the risks of getting carried away with humanization.

Getting link building right in 2024

When it comes to SEO, getting link building right is crucial. With search engines constantly on the move, Search Engine Land revisits the best practices in 2024, including the introduction of guest posts on niche-relevant websites and harnessing the power of social proof.

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