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Boost B2B marketing value with brand and demand

Though “make it pretty” and “make money” marketing seem to be in conflict these days, MarketingProfs says the two can be married to create business value. Consider their 5 tips to mindfully boost brand and demand.

How to augment your B2B brand’s visual experience

On the “make it pretty” side of things, MarTech Series explains how to improve your brand’s visual experience by studying key competitors, creating branded images to complement content, customizing graphics, and getting as creative as possible.

B2B buyers are taking longer to research purchases

As budgets tighten in the B2B sphere, a study detailed in MarTech explains how buyers are extending purchase cycles by spending more time on ROI analyses and research. They also prefer to do business with vendors they already know.

4 content marketing strategy tips

Yeah, we’re feeling numbered lists this week. For a better B2B content strategy, Bizcommunity suggests creating original research, boosting thought leadership with market research, driving inbound traffic to your website, and keeping prospects engaged on social media.

Need help choosing branded images?

Learn how our branding and design specialist keeps visuals strong and consistent.