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Marketing to the Gen Z audience in B2B

As more Gen Z workers start careers in B2B, they’re set to become future buyers. Are you prepared to shift your marketing efforts to accommodate them? MarketingProfs suggests taking a digital-first approach with tailored content, snappy videos, and smart use of social media, among other tips.

The new reality for B2B marketers

Recent studies show that B2B buyers make decisions in groups, wait longer before they contact salespeople, and take longer to commit to purchases. Forbes explains what new approaches B2B marketers should take to adapt to these challenges.

How experiential marketing builds brand

Creative Brief argues that seeing is believing, and experiential approaches to marketing build trust by helping buyers see your products, services, and capabilities in action. Find out why experiences are so crucial to building brand in the changing B2B landscape.

The most annoying question in marketing webinars?

The writer of this Marketing Week opinion piece really, really doesn’t like it when people ask him if his marketing advice is applicable to B2B. It’s a fair question, he explains, but a bit silly, because most of the concepts he discusses are applicable to B2B — they’re just easier to illustrate with B2C examples.

We made some content trend predictions for 2024...

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