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Despite doubts, AI is thriving

According to a new study by Forrester, almost 70% of B2B organizations are using AI, with more than 70% planning to use it more in their future marketing efforts. MarTech offers insights from the study and why it’s a shift we should care about.

Should B2Bs use influencer marketing?

For B2C businesses, the impact of influencer marketing is undeniable. However, inspired by a 2022 report finding that 86% of B2B marketers are successfully working with influencers, Forbes looks at the benefits of influencer marketing as a B2B business and how you can implement the strategy effectively.

More trends to take note of

From buyers seeking greater control and transparency to prioritizing privacy, the Vice President of LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions tells Fast Company what B2B trends they believe will take hold through the rest of 2023.

Stay ahead of changes coming to search

Google is rolling out its algorithm update for March. Bringing changes to how it ranks content, it's worth thinking about how it'll impact your SEO efforts. Search Engine Journal shares some key takeaways from the update.